transformationtanAt St. Aidan’s we make an effort not only to express our four core values but to firmly root our decisions in them.

In each of these pages we’ll touch on each value, but this is just a beginning.

We encourage you to explore what each value means to you and how all of them can help you become a more whole person.

Experiencing God changes us. We learn. We serve. We pray, and before we realize it our entire outlook shifts. This is the point of the spiritual walk. This is why we worship together regularly to let our love for God deepen, our trust in him increase, and his will for us take hold. 

Questions to consider:

  • What does prayer mean to you? How often do you set aside time to pray?
  • The Scripture is open to interpretation. Who do you discuss the Bible with? How do you increase your understanding of God’s message?
  • How does Christ work in you, transforming you, healing you, making you whole?


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